Clients are the “life-blood” of every business. Your red blood cells come from your body’s bones – and your backbone is the largest group of bones in your body.

Your website is the “backbone” of your business. It is usually the first thing that a prospect sees when looking for a solution to a challenge – and your website will likely be the last thing that a departing Client will see if your business and team fail to be a Clients’ Solution to their Challenge.

Below are a few of the websites that we have made for our clients to help them excel at meeting their business challenges.



About Us

Hello! My name is Kenneth Ervin Young, CEO of Idea To Growth LLC, and subsidiary website WPSiteRepair.com.

Thank you for visiting WPSiteTeam.com and considering us in your search for a solution to your business and life challenges.

I am what many would call a “Serial Entrepreneur.” I love to discover a great “IDEA,” then “BUILD” a prototype, then “LAUNCH” it to my clients so that I can “GROW(th)” into a Strong Company – then I sell the company – then repeat the “IDEA TO GROWTH” process.

The Four Stages of every Successful Business: IDEA – BUILD – LAUNCH – GROWTH  It’s why I named my company IDEA TO GROWTH LLC.

By training, I am an Electrical Engineer. I earned my degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In this business, I focus on helping Solopreneurs and SMB’s turn their website into the “engine” that powers the revenue generation center of their business.

  • Your website should “Make You Money” as you “invest” in giving it the “Gas” to “Grow Your Business.”
  • Building an Email List and Social Media following is the “Critical Key” to every business’s success!
  • Your website and marketing Must “Educate 1st – Sell 2nd” to attract clients successfully.
  • You must be able to prove to visitors that you are “The Thought Leader” in your space to help build trust – the critical closing component to most sales.


If I sound like a Business Coach, that’s because I am. The parent company that owns and operates WPSiteTeam is IdeaToGrowth.com – my Business Coaching Firm. I started WPSiteRepair.com because, in my coaching, I was helping nearly 100% of my clients rebuild or fix their business websites as part of their business growth strategy that I helped them construct. Other Prospects approached me wanting me to build their Business and Solopreneur websites – and wanted but didn’t have the cash flow to invest in my coaching – that I decided to set up a separate website to manage better and run that part of the business.

If, after review, you agree with me that WPSiteRepair.com can Fix your Hacked or Broken website that should be providing you with more Prospects, Clients, and MONEY, then we may have a match Contact Me!

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